Health care is still at risk.

Congress failed to reauthorize funding by September 30 for four major programs—Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), the Health Center Fund, National Health Service Corps (NHSC) and Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education Program (THCGME).These are essential programs to our CHCs and the patients they care for. Unless Congress acts soon, providers in Washington State will be forced to curtail enrollment and health services for children. 

  • Washington children have an uninsured rate of 2.6%, largely as a result of our state’s strong Medicaid and CHIP coverage
  • CHCs will lose 70% of their funding if Congress doesn’t reauthorize funding for the Health Center Fund
  • 95% of CHCs have at least one staff vacancy that programs like NHSC and THCGME could help fill 

Fill out the information below to tell your story to Members of Congress about why health care is a big deal to you. Urge them to protect the tremendous gains we’ve achieved with health care reform and reauthorize these other critical health care programs. Our friends, families and communities here in Washington and across the country are counting on this!

For additional information on the Children's Health Insurance Program, for other actions you can take to protect CHIP, visit 

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